Koshco’s store is fully certified under the OK. Every product we carry is kosher, but every product has different certification and standards. This certification means that all food products sold at Koshco have a kosher certification. Customers should refer to the packaging of each item for its particular Hechsher and Kosher status. All baked goods sold under the Koshco brand are PAS YISROEL. All meat products sold at Koshco brand are GLATT KOSHER and exclusively with CHASSIDISHE SHECHITA. All prepared food items sold under the Koshco brand are prepared in a facility with a MASHGIACH TEMIDI.

We recommend all customers investigate the Kosher status of individual products prior to purchasing to ensure they comply with your personal standards.

You can also check our certification status on the OK website directly on the official list of OK Certified Establishments.